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  1. Very good meele car. One of the few that can really counter currently overpowered black lotus
  2. I don't think they gonna implement true draft for ranked games. There are not enough machines, so they must repeat at the moment I'm afraid. But let someone from Hoplon to speak for this
  3. I think 1 each is the must most of the time. Additional one is usually random, depending on the map and player's preferences. Most often is 1transport, 2inter and 1support.
  4. Temple is very nice. The arena should be scaled down, by like 15-20% or so. The roads are quite too big. Another very annoying thing: playing black lotus, or against black lotus on the arena is pointless. Very hard, or impossible to counter this car. He just grabs the ball and 99% he will score. When I play black lotus on arena I win 99% times. It is because this map is bigger and black lotus is way too much overpowered there... Overall, very nice maps. Cheers
  5. Yea IMO current controls are great. When you shoot missles you have to aim your car to your opponent. If you could drive different way and shoot wherever you want, it would be much worse
  6. Hello everyone. I've been playing this epic game quite a while and as I play different cars I find them very well balanced. Every car has its own unique style of gameplay, except one - black lotus. It is simply overpowered. It can be stopped only by very experienced player. It takes the ball first every time, then it is almost impossible to stop it because of its skills. I find match to be boring when playing both against, or with this car in my team. Overall this car is much overpowered in my eyes. Anyone has the same feelings? Cheers
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