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  1. I like the idea of pressing a button to pick up the bomb. That sounds much more in control.
  2. With the latest word from Harkness it got me thinking about possible other game-modes. What game-mode would you guys like to see in HMM? Myself, I'd like to see a capture the flag game-mode. have two on each side of the map, and the drivers have to defend their flag from being taken while taking the enemy's flag back to their base. However, possibly with some hazards and defenses that can be activated such as attack helicopters and spike strips.
  3. Killmeister Backstory A legend of badass-ery from the old world. Killmeister has returned from the grave as an undead to raise chaos and havok! Upon the back of his roaring chopper he rides into the apocalypse with a newfound will for life. What powerful force of determination for insanity could bring a man back from death? Only Killmeister knows, and he shares no secrets. Weapons (Passive) Motorhead- Killmeister's motorcycle "Motorhead" is a hardcore lightweight-killing machine. Killmeister has reduced hitpoints, but drastically increased speed and damage. He cannot pick up the bomb. (1) Overkill- Killmeister revs up the Gatling gun at the core of his vehicle. After 2 seconds and giving an audio cue he begins launching shrapnel in a small cone in front of him for 5 seconds that dealing damage for each second. Enemies hit by more than once receive increased damage for each time hit. (2) Bomber- Killmeister chucks a frag grenade at the location of the mouse. Upon landing the grenade blows up knocking enemy vehicles back around the center area of effect and dealing damage. (Ultimate) Ace Of Spades - Killmeister sets his sights on a single enemy. The player loses control of the vehicle as Killmeister passively follows directly behind them for 10 seconds. If the enemy is killed within that 10 seconds, Killmeister will follow the closest nearby enemy if possible. This repeats for as long as the 10 seconds remains. For each enemy killed after Ace Of Spades finishes Killmeister gains a free use of Bomber which does not go on cooldown. Playstyle Killmeister is an Interceptor focused on kills and not on transporting the bomb. However, he is very easily killed and works better at staying on the sides of battle revving up Overkill and driving in disrupting the flow of battle with Bomber, taking out an enemy, and riding out of combat before anything can be done to stop him. His greatest weakness is his vulnerability from behind, and enemies who can keep up with his speed will find that they can finish him off quickly. Killmeister is a character you intentionally want to be in the back and not the front. His ultimate allows the player to focus on using Bomber and Overkill instead of driving as it puts you in autopilot right behind an enemy. However, an enemy can use this to trick Killmeister into stopping, or going in an opposite direction as Killmeister follows them directly until the time ends. However, if Killmeister can time his Overkill and Ace Of Spades at the right time he can tear through enemy after enemy and then release a barrage of grenades unleashing ultimate carnage.
  4. I was so excited to play this game! The entire time from me discovering it, to waiting for my key, to downloading the game I was watching gameplay, looking up all the characters, interacting with members of the community, and sharing the game with my friends. That was until I launched it and the game told me I couldn't run it? Now I don't know a supercomputer, I can't afford it. I'm not a rich man and I will be the first to admit that! I play on a computer from 2008 but I tell you what, I make it work! I've gotten games to run on it through tweaking settings. Games like Heroes of the Storm, Life is Strange, and other modern games with considerably good graphics! Not only that, but the framerate from the main menu behind the shutdown notice looked to be fine, and if the game was a bit slower than I needed I could play the game windowed! I really don't believe the developers should be making the decision for us if we can and can't play the game. Hell, I'd much rather the game run like shit so I can see it for myself rather than I am sitting here wondering exactly what I could possibly do?! Now I know you are doing that because "you want your beta testers to not have hardware problems". However I think that is highly anti-consumer and anti-gamer. It does more harm than good because now you got waves of players like me who are having issues and are bringing it up to your attention as though players with fps issues would of as well. Anyways at the risk of me not rambling. I'm humbly asking you to remove the hardware lock, and let us decide for ourselves if our computer can or cannot run the game. Not everybody is lucky enough to be able to afford a nice computer. I got bills to pay, and not even good games to play! I really wanted to play this game! I hadn't been this excited for a long time! TOTAL BUMMER! Remove the minimum requirement lock!
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