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  1. Nossa, muito criativo, Phelx! Adorei a quantidade de mind games que dá pra fazer com isso. Ficou show 👏
  2. Oi, Frank! Peço perdão pela demora em lhe dar um retorno. Para podermos lhe ajudar, você poderia nos enviar um ticket? Você pode fazer isso por aqui. Através do ticket, a gente consegue recolher alguns logs e informações para analisar o que está causando o seu problema. Fico no aguardo, ok?
  3. Oi, fallencrow! Muito obrigado por tirar um tempo para nos enviar esse report. Sentimos muito que você tenha passado por isso no Heavy Metal Machines. Recebemos mais report desses mesmos jogadores e ambos já estão devidamente banidos pelas suas atitudes, que infringiam nossas Regras de Conduta. Obrigado por ajudar a manter a comunidade do HMM mais saudável e positiva!
  4. Mecânicas interessantes, Phelx! E mais um transportador seria bem legal mesmo :)
  5. What's up, Metal Gladiators? Maybe you turned into a Metal Gladiator recently, or maybe you just want to check if you read all the lore posts we published before. In both cases, enjoy having all the posts linked in only one to get it more comfortable. From time to time, we've been revealing the stories about places, characters, and much more things in this insane post-apocalyptic world. From the organizations that exist in Metal City to characters stories, use this post to guide you through our blog posts with these remarkable stories. Just pick a theme and have a good reading (the posts are also available in Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Russian)! Learning more about the Heavy Metal Machines organizations Tales of Metal City – Chapter 1: The Apocalypse Learning more about the characters’ friendships On their own: learn more about the lone wolves of HMM The stage is set: Learn more about the Arenas of Heavy Metal Machines The Cursed Necropolis – An Illustrated Story Rampage: the brilliant engineer who became the worst nightmare in Metal City Dirt Devil: The mercenary from the desert Full Metal Judge: Metal City’s ultimate law Clunker Bros: the hardworking-drunk brothers Wildfire: the blacksmith who became a champion Stingray: the rebel who became a leader Artificer: the immortal scientist Sect of Metal: the rulers of Metal City Little Monster: The champion’s child Photon: the explorer of the light Stargazer: the stronghold from space Killer J: The crazy clown After all, who is Black Lotus? Metal Herald, the Dark Pope! Peacemaker – The Bringer of War After reading all of this, I hope to see you in the arenas!
  6. Hello, Metal Gladiators! As we already shared during our live streams, we have the road map of new contents coming this year to Heavy Metal Machines. This list was made based on the development of the game and priorities were decided with the help of the community. However, we know that new things might show up during this journey and we will do our best to keep you updated about it. So here's the roadmap: May Bug Fixes (May 22) Metal League SA (May 25) July Metal Pass Season 5 (July 10) Pilot 17 (July 10) Ranked Mode (second half of July) Gamepad/Controller (second half of July) August Metal League NA (August 10) September Metal Pass Season 6 (September 25) Pilot 18 (September 25) About next week's update, we expect to fix the following bugs: Fixed a bug where Black Lotus incorrectly accelerated forward when combining reflected damage from weapon 2 and using weapon 3 (also known as Super Dash for some community members). Fixed a bug where Black Lotus' weapon 2 reflected the damage from enemies but canceled its own out of combat self-repair. Fixed a bug where Black Lotus' weapon 2 did not cancel enemies' self-repair. Fixed a bug where Black Lotus' weapon 2 made enemies start their out of combat self-repair earlier than expected. Fixed a bug where Wildfire's passive was activated even when hitting a barrier (i.e., Rampage's passive). Fixed a bug where Wildfire's weapon 1 was triggering its impact and area damage at different times. Fixed a bug where Wildfire's weapon 2 explosion wasn't being blocked by barriers (i.e., Rampage's passive and Icebringer's weapon 2). Fixed a bug where Wildfire's weapon 3 didn't activate the trail animation. Fixed a bug where Icebringer could not be pushed while using weapon 3. Fixed a rare bug where Clunker's weapon 2 dealt damage but didn't pull the enemy. Fixed a bug where Clunker's weapon 2 sometimes crossed walls, improperly dealing damage and/or grabbing enemies on its way back. Fixed a bug where VFX from different characters were improperly activated during matches, getting stuck to the arena or even to the machines. Fixed a bug where it was possible to rebuild the machine inside the stones at the center of Metal God Arena. Fixed a bug on the Temple of Sacrifice arena, where a collider at the delivery point was improperly positioned. Fixed a bug where exiting a match during the last score, while the victory/defeat animation is running caused the client to crash. We also are working to fix these other known bugs: Rampage's weapon 3 behavior is inconsistent in some situations. Dirt Devil's weapon 3 randomly getting stuck during the match, forcing the machine to get back to where the harpoon is attached. Bomb fights not triggering in some situations. Bomb getting through blockers in some situations. If you have any questions or need any help, talk to one of our Community Managers here on our Discord channel! See you all in the arenas!
  7. Hello, Metal Gladiators! We wanted to share more information with you regarding bugfixes. We have a list of the most important bugs that we will be working on. We plan to have them fixed in the middle of May. Here’s the list of priority fixes that we plan to deliver by said date: Rampage’s weapon 3 with inconsistent behavior Black Lotus’ super dash Black Lotus’ weapon 2 not canceling the opponent’s “out of combat” Camera during respawn Icebringer becoming immune to pushes while using his weapon 3 Clunker’s hook dealing damage but not pulling Wildfire’s passive triggering even when hitting a barrier Invulnerability not protecting “out of combat” status GFX stuck to the arena and characters Clunker’s hook return looking messy Dirt Devil’s weapon 3 inconsistent behavior Bomb disputes with inconsistent behavior If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me or any of our Community Managers. To report a bug, you can always head to http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/support/.
  8. Adorei, SoyeR! Principalmente a arma 2, muita possibilidade de play legal com ela. Fiquei curioso sobre uma coisa: Seria o carro roubado o Photon? ?
  9. Hello there, Lacko! Sorry for the long wait. Are you still facing this issue? We can better help you through our support page. There you can send us your game logs and Ping Plotter test results so our support team can better pinpoint what happened! Let me know if you need any more assistance
  10. That guide is INSANELY good! Great work, Numbers!
  11. Hello there, Mr. Fox! Awesome ideas. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Your inputs on balance will be taken to our devs so they can it into consideration. We are aware that some pilots are in need of some love (hello, Photon!) and we'll be working on that as soon as we can. On the map's subject, we are also interested in creating new maps for the game, as we agree that it breathes new life and possibilities into the game. We don't have a date set for when it will be released but rest assured we hear you! We are studying ways to reintroduce (we had one before the Combat Test) the Garage, where you could improve the pilots' weapons. We also don't have a date set for when this future will come back to the game, but it's something we are aiming for. Once again, thanks for sharing this with us! If you think of any other suggestions, don't hesitate to bring them to us
  12. In this update, we are releasing the last character missing in the line-up: Rampage. The store is also back in its full shape. Let’s check it out: Rampage Weapon 1 - Minimum Wage Smashes and pushes back the opponents Damage: 150 Critical Hit: 250 Cooldown: 2,25 s Weapon 2 - Harassment The bulldozer hits the ground and opens a gap that damages the enemies Damage: 200 Cooldown: 10,75 s Weapon 3 - Traffic Jam Accelerates and smashes opponents against the walls Damage (against walls): 200 Damage per second: 50 Cooldown: 6,75 s Special Weapon - Saturday Shift Charges a big hit with the bulldozer’s shovel and deals damage around it. Critical Hit: 400 Damage: 20 Passive Weapon - Anger Management While the shovel is down, all the damage dealt on it are reduced. It works like a shield. General Added the option menu the ping indicator switch. This tool will help you to see what is your latency during any match. To improve the visual feedback, it was added a background color on the HP bar. It follows the color of the team (Blue or Red) The bomb now can bounce back when hit the wall. All the remaining skins (Rockstar and Metal Legend) are back into the store. Wildfire and Stingray (previously presented with a new visual (for their basic model) have received visual update to all the skins: Windrider basic model has received new visual assets: Audio improvements for Full Metal Judge Visual improvements on the interface of the group/party session Added a highlight and new icon for the Cash button Dev Notes: “Since the beginning of the Combat Test, we did several tests on the physics of the game and its behavior, so we are going to keep working hard to always deliver the best experience to the players. In order to implement Rampage’s weapon 3, we did some changes in this version and we will continue to work on it after this release. We ask the patience and help for all the players to report behaviors that are different or not coherent. The affected points: Every weapon that involves acceleration (usually the weapon 3). Every weapon that pushes the opponents The treadmills on Cursed Necropolis The collision and moving of the machines” Balance Black Lotus Weapon 3 The machines is no more controllable when using this weapon. Clunker General Added a disruption meter to Clunker’s weapons Weapon 2 Increased the initial damage from 100 to 200. Removed the final damage Dirt Devil Weapon 3 Increased the initial damage from 100 to 200 Removed the continuous damage. Full Metal Judge Weapon 1 Decreased the gain of shield per shot from 60 to 50 Decreased the gain of charge to the special weapon in 15% Weapon 2 The shield received in the defensive mode has been reduced in 33%. In the offensive mode, the self damage has been reduced in 25% Weapon 3 The shield for using this weapon has been removed Added the gain of shield when hitting the enemies Little Monster Weapon 2 and Special The warm-up has been removed Known Issues Full Metal Judge receives shield even when hitting Rampage’s lift Photon’s weapon 1 cross through Rampage’s lift
  13. Hello, Metal Heads! Wanna see your favorite YouTuber/streamer playing Heavy Metal Machines? Access this form (https://goo.gl/8Ha89T) and tell us who are they. We’ll make sure they’ll receive HMM’s new content in advance to play and spread the word of Metal over the Globe
  14. Attention Metalheads! This Tuesday [17/04/2018] at 7:00 EDT [13:00 CEST] we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 14:00 EDT [20:00 CEST]
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