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  1. Thank you very much for your quick answer, i'll try to uninstall et re-install the game this afternoon and if it still don't work i'll make a support ticket, thanks again!
  2. Hi there! First sory for the english mistakes that I can make, i'm french but I don't want to force you to translate so I try to do the work so. Well and for my problem in fact my connection seems don't want to work with Heavy Metal Machines i'm sooooo disapointed (wanted to try this game so much!)... When I try to launch a game, in the lobby I can't even choose my machine and the lobbby is blocked into "1 min left" still the game seems to launch (at this moment a random machine is assigned for me), then loading screen and... Nothing, the loading screen says me that i'm full charged for playing, i can see my ping and my ping change sometimes but the game never start for me and like 15 minutes after that a conexion fail message appears and i'm disconnected when the match ending... That's above everything, i tried to start 4 games still now and they all have failed. I don't know i you need some folders but i suppose the log file and a dxdiag can help you so i send them to you in a ZIP file. Hope this will help you, have a nice day and thanks if you answer me =) logs-n-dxdiag.zip
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