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  1. The update says to fix 2 known bugs but just yesterday I played agaisnt 2 players that knew a way to pass through the track barrier with the bomb by doing some driving maneuver. They spent most the match just passing the bomb back and forth and showing off how they are cheating. I am not exaggerating they would have the bomb on Metal God Arena and beavlento pass through the track and bypass the RED/BLUE areas where bomb drops. Super fun when people can cheat or find exploits and be absent excute them multiple times by several players in one match. On a side note people that dont play to the best of their abilities by fooling around, bullying and stalling game, passing constantly, playing passive make the game so annoying and no fun. Player names "jok" and "TILICHIDOS" will keep catching their own teammates shots at enemy goals to keep elongating the game and like yesterday "jok" kept catching the goals his teammates shoot so he can go back and show off how he cheats through the track barriers....over...and over....again. they shoot at goal, jok would block for us. Drive it away from their enemy goal...go even further...exploit through the gates...make incredible fast passes back and forth to his buddy. He will go to out goal, shoot, jok blocks for us and runs it away...over....and over.....and over again. Inconsiderate, passive, cowardice, disrespectful and gaming community trolls. Play custom if you wanna goof and bully people do it to your friends not randoms. You cant even quit the match to start a new one. It isnt fair to have to waste 35-50 min in one match just because the opponents refuse to score the last goal. I watched my players slowly disconnect as the time of the match kept increasing. They aren't even helping people get fun matches in, or quick ones before work. Not to mention the other players get NO REAL practice when they are just wondering what in the heck is going on, are they making mistakes? Are they practicing? Are they giving us opportunities? No. They are trolls trying to get you to Disconnect and or waste ALL your time in one match that they will never just win straight forward. Always monkey around. It doesnt help anyone learn or simply play a good average times game.
  2. I finished my 10 placement matches in Casual but when I que for Ranked it says 10min. Wait on average but I have waited more than 36 min. Without a match. What's up with that? Who cares about matchmaking when you can't even play at all?
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