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  1. Metal Gladiators, the Metal gates are open, we want to know your suggestions, What do you want as a new content? (arenas, game modes, characters) WE WANT TO KNOW EVEEEEERYYYYTHING
  2. Tuesday (26/09/2017) at 20:30 pm CEST we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 21:30 pm CEST. #heavymetalmachines #moba
  3. Metalheads, The South American Championship will be an open tournament on the PC only, allowing anyone to take a shot at the staggering prize of up to R$12.500 and Razer Kraken headphones. Even though the tournament will be run from South America, players from other regions can, of course, take part, if the timetable suits them. We're a growing eSports game, and our players are growing with us. The format of this championship will allow anyone, pro player or not, to have a fair chance at winning the prize. With a Swiss qualifier and a double elimination bracket, you're guaranteed not to be left out due to bad luck! Prove your worth and claim the top prize - this is an open for all championship. The schedule will look like this: Registration opens – September 18th Registration closes – October 7th Qualifiers – October 8th Playoffs – October 15th Finals – October 22nd The Prize pool will be distributed as follows: If 40 or more teams register: 1st: R$4.375 + Razer Kraken headphones 2nd: R$3.125 + Razer Kraken headphones 3rd: R$1.875 4th: R$1.250 5th/6th: R$625 (each) 7th/8th: R$312,50 (each) If up to 39 teams register: 1st: R$3.675 + Razer Kraken headphones 2nd: R$2.625 + Razer Kraken headphones 3rd: R$1.575 4th: R$1.050 5th/6th: R$525 (each) 7th/8th: R$262,50 (each) Finding a Team Don't have a Team? Need more people for yours? No worries! Join our Facebook Group and fill those missing slots right away! https://goo.gl/BjC98q We’re looking forward to seeing you in the open qualifiers - may the Metal God be with you! What are you waiting for? Register your team RIGHT NOW!!!! https://goo.gl/XgZwCN Don't you have Heavy Metal Machines? So what're your excuses? Here I'm gonna help you in this journey: https://goo.gl/2Dzngy
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