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  1. hi! thanks for the reply! x) oh okey, that's great that you're already working on those points! thanks! and thanks for suggesting the combination that i mentioned! really hope they'll be OK, it would be tons of fun! :3
  2. well, i'm really happy i wrote this thread, i feel like it's worth it.. -.-
  3. Hi! about temple of sacrifice i think this one is a good map! quite perfect imo but the other one, the arena, i feel like it's a bit too easy to "score", i feel like it's faster to get to the "goals" than on the other map and also you can't fail at throwing the ball in. it's not like people often fail at throwing the ball in the goals in temple of sacrifice but it adds a little something, you've got to deserve scoring that point, and you have to be focused to do it. well, here's my opinion, which may be irrelevant 'cause i'm a newbie on this game, i only played a few games! But well, at least that's an answer x)
  4. HI! first of all, i've got to say i really enjoy the game, great idea! i just think some upgrades could be done: - first of all, it's the most important one, there must be a report thing in the game, 'cause afkers are taking all the fun out of it, it's just unplayable. (well, when you'll do it if it's possible to indicate it in a patch note or something, so people that stopped playing for this reason can come back) - why not driving with wsad or joystick for controller and aiming with the mouse or the 2nd joystick? imo it would allow more plays = more fun. and it could allow you to add more skill based and more diversified abilities, 'cause for the moment most of the skill shots are just straight line projectiles and the rest are autotarget abilities. imo it would be wayyyy more fun to have abilities almost as skilled based as in classical mobas while driving your car! it would take the game from the status of "fun game to play with friends"' (no offense intended) to a real competitive game! and imo it would be awesome! but well, i guess that's personal preference, so if people read this don't hesitate to give us your thoughts on this last point! thanks for reading and maybe even replying! sorry for my mediocre english! have a good day/evening!
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