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  1. I repaired my Steam Downloads Folder then Reinstalled HMM And it seemed to fix the issue.
  2. Where abouts would the root folder be?
  3. I dont know if this is suited to be in here anf whether I should be submitting this to steam support but as I tried to play HMM, I encountered a pop-up which states there is a lock file preventing me from opening the game. I dont exactly know what I should do.
  4. I don't know if this has already been pointed out on the Brazilian Forum but I noticed this at the end of my games. It was difficult but I was able to finally screenshot it. It is a cool teaser whatever it is and I'm looking forward to it.
  5. I can agree with that. Games like "The Witness, The Talos Principle and Obduction", puzzle games that they are, are directed kind of towards that of the adolescent mind.
  6. Brick3D


    Thank-you, that helps me tons.
  7. Would it be possible to add an ability to the game, that forces the player to lock into the position they are, get a high amount of resistances and enable a turret-ish form/mode where they can shoot a further distance than before? Or even more, an ability that allows the pilot to take on another form / appearance which then gives them the opportunity to get one new ability or alters the effects of his previous abilities?
  8. Brick3D


    I would to have some help in understanding something. I have only played a couple of Clunker and I can understand the advantages of using him in specific situations. However I am quite puzzled by his W - Thunder Tow, as on a couple occasions I would use the ability and it would display that it had missed its target but after the abilities animation it would appear that I have the target with the W. If when Clunker's Thunder Tow misses a target, is it possible to catch an enemy when the skillshot returns to the car or is this a bug?
  9. Brick3D


    Will you guys at Hoplon be able to one day add custom games in HMM? I was just wondering as after you told me how to get more people to join, we have been wanting to play against one another 4 vs 4. Keep up the good work.
  10. Brick3D


    Yes it did, Thank-you. Another question, Do you guys at HMM plan on adding any maps to change up the course at which operaters have to drive round the circuit to get to the enemies flag?
  11. Brick3D


    Hey AJ. The game is great with its drivers and their unique playstyles. The current problems at the moment that I have is that: Firstly, I'm still having situations when i'll get the bug with bomb going over the enemy flag still not being registered and causing the game to break. Also at the end of Co-op vs. bots game, it doesn't display the car driving around the statue as it crumbles to peices. Also I don't if lots of people play the PvP option in Europe region but as it seems to queue for about 5 or so minutes and still not find a game. Other than that, this game is great and I look forward to the future of this game and how it changes. Excited to see what new mechanics get added and if you guys add any interesting gamemodes. Would it also be possible to get some beta keys? I know that it can seem rude to ask but I suggested this game to discord I am in and 8 of them were interested to play but weren't able to because of it already being closed beta.
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