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  1. А выглядит это примерно так. 18 из 20 игр - в некрополисе. У меня есть предложение внедрить систему подбора карт наподобие Mechwarrior online. Игроки голосуют за карту, и она выбирается большинством голосов. Если игрок играет на карте за которую не голосовал, то при следующем голосовании его голос считается Х2. Если опять не его карта, то Х3 и так далее пока он не попадет на выбранную карту. PS: приношу извинения, что не на английском.
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    After several days of gaming i understand, that i really love this game. Even in early beta. So now i have a silver pack with a title "Silder". Plus my friend have lots of issues with lags and disconnections on his laptop. But the game... No, The Game is already catch my mind and heart for hours of free time))
  3. At first I want to apologize for mistakes I can make in text. What about new modes? I played this game for several hours and i think, that Deathmatch mode can be a new option. Free for all and team death match. And i want to ask your appinion about race mode, like RNR. I can see few options for this. First - race between classes (trucks to trucks etc.) The second - Race with powerups. Your weapons and nitro will recharge after picking one of them exept time countdown. It will make some balance. In my opinion race may contain 3 laps and 3 stages (or another quantity of them). And the third option is to make special characters for race mode (it will be most balanced but the longest in time).
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