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  1. Hello. After last (or close to last) update effects (like nitro, specials, explosions, tracers, buffs, debuffs, and attack animation) no longer visible. Like that (take a look in da picture) : I re-installed game, check cash after that, and nothing happens. Windows 7 64-bit (1 st service Pack) Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6759 (2.66 GHz) 5 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (Guys that game really cool, bug makes me FeelsBatMan, cant wait play this game with explosions and things like explosions))
  2. I think bomb behavior should be based on bomb concept. Is the bomb a magnet, and it connect to any piece of iron passing through, or arena cars have special device, which allowing them to grab the bomb? Based on answer on that question you can simply answer primary question. (But it just my opinion) I guess you don't need to change the bomb rules. Bomb like weapon cinda strange. Better try it than imagine it, if you understand what i mean 0) (sry for bad english)
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