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  1. Try to launch through the root folder, for me this is the only possible way. Through steam never works.
  2. In addition to the previous problem, the same day, a new bug was added. After 10+ minutes of the game (in any mode), you receive a hang-up + loss of animation followed by a connection error and disconnect. VIDEO with error example
  3. Today I suddenly encountered a problem, I do not get 500 metal at the beginning of the first round, unlike everyone else. Here's a similar situation. http://steamcommunity.com/app/331360/discussions/0/135514889557252833/ Here is a snippet of video (youtube)
  4. I canceled the assignment and I was given a new one, that's all. Thank you for attention!
  5. This is understandable, not for the first time I carry out this task, but it simply does not exist. I tried all the skins.
  6. I can not complete the task with the new Wildfire skin.
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