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  1. Alrighty, it'll take a while with the pingplotter, but I'll make it so that it'll catch the disconnects as well.
  2. And now a 3v4 which we almost won, another disconnect. Me and my friend at the same time, in a party. Which guess what, made us lose. Edit: 56 minutes later, another d/c. This is getting frustrating...
  3. From the moment I started playing the game I experience 1 to 3 drops every 5 matches. Needless to say, it's become quite annoying lately, losing matches only because of this. It's not only me who experiences drops but my friend with whom I'm playing as well, fun fact: we're in different countries yet the drop is most of the cases in the same time for both of us. Not only me and my friend experience drops, but my teammates as well, and enemies, and everyone. All in all, what is there to be done with it? Is it server problem, but if it is, why don't ALL of us get disconnected?
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