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  1. In the past 4 games I've played, I've played against the same two people who pick icebringer and artificer and win 3-0 every game. The icebringer always manages to get to the ball first even though one game we had a black lotus and once he has the ball he can just run it down to our goal with almost no problems. Icebringer's insane health and freezing ability makes him too overpowered with the combined passive healing of artificer. Those games were the worst experience I've had since I started playing. I'm not sure if its the character or the people were hacking, but something needs to be done whether it is anti cheat or just nerfing icebringer or artificer. P.S. I posted this here because there is no general discussion area Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5bb41268aaf922b901/black-lotus-being-beat-by-icebringer
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