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    New machine concept: Bouncer. Description: A interceptor who can "dance" around enemies. Pilot's appearance: A 80's style hipster with cool clothes. Machine's appearance: A heavily armed lowrider with graffiti all over it. Lore: Metal city's famous disco star has only one motivation, dance and impress his fans! But he has the extreme tendency to rage if his music and dance moves are criticized. Rampage destroyed his dance club one time after he complained that his music was too loud. Now this hipster heads to the arena to teach him a lesson in appreciating others lifestyles. Abilities: Passive: Smooth moves. Bouncer can drift around enemies and get a temporary boost to his weapons when doing so. Q: Tune in. Shoots out a stream of music which pushes enemies back and deals damage. W: Floss. Two oversized pistons from the sides of the car push enemies back dealing medium damage. E: Twist: Bouncer starts drifting around leaving tire marks that can reduce enemies' friction. R: Bassquake. Bouncer jumps up high and his front slams the ground sending a earthquake towards enemies which throws them up in the air.
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