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    Dear Dev-Team, I´m a returning player (I played back then in early 2017) and I´m also a game developer myself. I started playing yesterday again and to my surprise, the game feels way too different from what I played originally back then. I would love to share my feedback with you guys which will be split into three-part in order to make it easy and clear. First "the good", then "the bad" and finally "the ugly". I hope you will find it constructive and helpful. Let´s start with the good first: - Better bomb/machines physics - Different machines sizes and the body blocking (still not perfect but I love it) - No more annoying scenes/sequences like the one played on the match start or after each round. - The new respawn system (add depth to the game I like it) - The new UI/UX: you guys did a great job. Looks clean and fits the game theme. - The addition of different effects and items: like the score effect, death effect, etc. it adds a lot of flavor to the game. - The Battlepass: the Grind I know I know, some do like them and some do not. But I think it´s a good addition to the mix. Now let´s dive to the bad: - The pace of the game: way too fast and this is due to increasing damage/burst. I get the idea behind adding more Risk/Reward by increasing the lethality and adding longer cast times for some abilities in order to make skill shots harder to hit. But IMHO there is no more back and forth during team-fights and it feels like rushing the bomb carrier (zergs swarming) and bursting him instantly without giving a chance/time for a reaction or a counterplay. Especially when you´re trying to heal or CC someone. The game still a MOBA. I know it is more than that but still, the one-shot or burst mechanic should not be the norm for this game. - the removal of the path indicator (the arrows drawn on the ground) toward the goal. It might be distracting but was really helpful especially in the Metal God Arena. Maybe add some permanent drawing/signs on the ground in the middle section to show the direction in order to guide the player toward the enemy goal? And lastly the ugly: - The removal of the upgrade shop/system: But WHY? Enough with the typical excuses like: "it might not be balanced or hard to balance" or even worst "It might confuse new players" etc. No one wants to hear those excuses. Removing the RPG elements from the game it´s like turning it into a one-dimensional game, boring and repetitive. Customization is the bread and butter of every MOBA game. Take it out and you take the MOBA identity with it. - The removal of the awesome victory/end scene/sequence. Yes, I´m talking about the MVP machine drifting around the statue. It was a beautiful way to showcase your machine skin and giving credit to a good player. And the damn good End music theme. I spent hours searching like a maniac on the internet for that particular song with no luck. I demand to have it back into the game (like please please At least can we have a link to listen to that song again? At last, I would say that the game still feels awesome and it's a pleasure to play. Your passion and dedication can be seen through the work you did put on it. Thank you for developing such a great game. keep up the good work and looking forward to playing more. Cheers, A Big fan
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