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    Are you ready for a new event? Then it’s time to enjoy the Christmas season in Heavy Metal Machines with the METAL XMAS 2018! The collective quests event of Metal City. Stay tuned, Metal Xmas 2018 is starting on December 19th and will end on January 1st. This time, players need to help each other to: – Deliver 55.000 bombs during the event! – Reach 650 new followers on our Instagram profiles! – And individually complete 3 casual matches during the event. Completing these missions, you will receive an exclusive themed portrait and spray! (It will be delivered until 31/01/2019). Also, HMM is offering +100% XP in casual matches (not applicable to Metal Pass missions) and +100% of Fame. If you’re interested in following the event progress click here in this link, we’ll be updating it as many times a day as we can. Play now, follow our Instagram, and let the Christmas begin!
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    @Atyasheff, а если Лотос заедет в пространство ограниченное барьерами и оставит там бомбу? ?
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