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    Hi Guys! I was talking about my character on dev night and now I working on it. I hope you'll like it and maybe something from his kit will hit game but It will be my dream to actualy create full character by myself for the game. For now I have only skill but I'll create concept art soon. PS: Sorry for my bad english :3 Car itself is based on Cadillad eldorado so you can imagine it at last for now Passive: Stance - On the ground all ally cars get small fast boost behind your car / while in the air car do not lose bomb in the drop zone but cannot pick boombs in that stance. 1st skill: Lucky rockets - Car have two rockets on the bumper left and right side, when first one is used coldown will start and if second one is not used mark is canceled. Then first one hit the target mark it and if second one hit the same target it will do extra damage. Cool-down 3 sec. Upgrades: 1- add slow as bonus on 2nd hit. 2- rockets reload 0,5 sec faster. 3- every rocket hit reduces "Cat wheels" cool-down by 0,5 sec. 4- rockets are bigger. 2nd skill: Cat Wheels - car suspension make it go into air for short time (2 sec) while in the air you get Phase. Second activation in the air makes car slam on the ground stopping itself and pushing away all enemy cars damaging them. Cool-down 12 sec. Upgrades: 1- extra 0,5 time. 2- slamming do not stop your car anymore but you get slow. 3 - extra damage on second activation. 4 - second activation adds Vulnerable on enemy for short time. 3rd skill: Fire Boost - You get fast from your passive and makes flame trail that stay on the ground damaging enemy driving on it (thinking about adding damage over time to it) "Cat wheels" cannot be used while boosting. Skill time around 4-5 seconds. Upgrade: Blue flame that makes more damage (or damge over time) Thats all for now I hope you like it. Edit1: small changes to 2nd skill and I forget about important part for 3rd skill. Some error corrections (sorry for that)
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