Patch Notes (24/10/2018) – Version 1.02.810

Hello, everybody!

We’re back with spooky updates! Besides bug fixes, we have improved BOTs behavior, in-game store videos, the Heavy Halloween is back with those amazing Halloween models.

Halloween Models

The following models are now available in the store for the price of 1150 Cash, for a limited time:

  • It’s Alive! – Little Monster

  • Arachnophobia – Rampage

  • Curse of Nefertem – Black Lotus

These models give you more than just a spooky visual. They bring new effects for the skills, such as a football helmet for Little Monster’s special weapon or witchcraft symbols for Artificer’s.

By the way, The 71st Witchcraft model, for Artificer, will be available only through a special event. You can learn more here:

BOTs behavior improvements

  • Bomb pass

    • The rule for the BOTs to release the bomb has been changed. Now, two rules control their behavior:
      • 1 – If a player activates the bomb grabber key (space bar) near a BOT carrying the bomb, it will be released so you can grab it.
      • 2 – If a BOT carrying the bomb is low in HP, then it will try to pass the bomb to an ally

Store and 3D models

Now, every 3D model in the store, pick screen and Metal Pass screen will start rotating automatically after 1,5 seconds

Video quality improved

Some videos from the store now have improved quality. The content is the following:

  • Start Line Effects
    • Standard
    • Let’s Go
    • Braid Runes
    • Karve that Win
  • Rebuild Effects
    • Standard
    • Bifröst In
    • Ducky
    • Hammer
    • Uber Hammer

Bug Fix

Besides minor bugs that aren’t noticeable by the players, here are the most important fixes for this version:

  • In the Temple of Sacrifice, the bomb would behave weirdly when collided against walls on curves.
  • The bomb would also get stuck within blockers in Temple of Sacrifice.
  • Visual effects for Rampage’s weapon 2 on Arachnophobia Model.
  • Sometimes, players in the same team could choose the same character.