Patch Notes (15/09/2018) – 1.00.781

Hello, pilots!
Today we are releasing the new content for the launch! It will have new items, layouts, models and the 14th character: Icebringer. Let’s get started with all the details from the Metal Pass — the new progression system of Heavy Metal Machines.

Metal Pass

  • The Metal Pass is a progression system where the player starts in the level 1 and can go up to the 50.
  • It has a free track and a (paid) premium track — which has additional rewards and weekly missions.
  • There are 3 slots for weekly missions in the free pass and 4 for premium.
  • The rewards are characters/pilots, models, portraits, sprays, visual effects (start line, kill, rebuild and score), soft currency (Fame), XP Booster, Artbooks, and lore. For premium users, Cash can also be rewarded.
  • If a player earns an item that is already in the account from the past, it will be converted into Fame. The value will be 30% of the items’ store value.
  • Players will not earn Fame after the matches anymore. It will only be earned after accomplishing the “Fame’s” mission in the Metal Pass.
  • The level progression will be kept in the account. E.g: if you are level 30 already, and complete the 50 levels of Metal Pass, you will have a level 80 account.
  • The pilots’ progression has changed. Now it is based on the number of victories with that specific character.


New cosmetic items

  • General
    • Items are either rewarded in the Metal Pass or purchased in the store.
  • Visual Effects
    • New items can be equipped to change the natural effects in a match.
    • Effects available: start line, kill, rebuild and score
  • Sprays
    • Now players can “paint” the floor of the arena by pressing “T” (default)
    • It is possible to leave only one painting by a pilot at a time. Once the player paints for the second time, the first one disappears.
  • Portraits
    • Now players can choose the profile’s picture portrait.



  • The inventory has been added to display and manage the items listed above.
  • This is a place to set a default configuration prior to the matches (which spray, portrait and effect you will use)


3D Models


  • Now it is possible to rotate the 3D models in the Store, Metal Pass and Pick screens.



  • New visuals of the main menu, store, pick, and after-match screen.
  • Adjusted costs of various items and characters in the store.
  • New items categories in the store.
  • Fame booster removed from the game
  • Volume and audio adjustments


Bugs fixed

  • Sound effects were playing after the match ended
  • Bomb spawning in the wrong place
  • Duplicated goal line
  • Misplaced menu information
  • Eternal loading to join a custom match



  • All the vehicles
    • Rotation center adjusted, considering wheels and mass center.
    • Reduced disarm time during bomb pass
  • Full Metal Judge
    • Weapon 2: disarm caused in the other weapons is reduced to 0,1s
  • Windrider
    • Weapon 3: disarm caused in the weapon 1 removed



The 14th character is here! Coming from the North, Icebringer suspects someone from the Heavy Metal Machines tournaments stole one sacred horn from his tribe. He drove down to Metal City to solve this case — in the arena.


  • Maximum HP: 1000


  • We inform those who own the Founder’s Pack Gold and Silver editions that the following models are going to be delivered in the first week of November:
    • Metal Legend (Veteran) – just Gold Edition
    • Rockstar – just Gold Edition
    • Idol

Weapon 1: Iceberg
It creates an ice barrier in front of the truck. Hold the button and it increases size, damage and speed of this piece of ice. If the player doesn’t release the button, the barrier will explode in front of the vehicle.

  • Minimum Damage: 75
  • Maximum Damage: 150
  • Max size loading time: 2,5s
  • Extra time after loaded: 0,75s
  • Cooldown: 3,0s
  • Freeze time (hit enemies): 0,75s

Weapon 2: Hauling Ice
Releases an ice barrier attached in the back of the truck by chains. After a while, the chains pull it back, causing the ice to explode.

  • Double Activation: pulls the ice back to explode
  • Damage: 50
  • Freeze time (hit enemies): 0,75s
  • Cooldown: 1s

Weapon 3: Ice Block
Creates an icy armor around the truck and pulls nearby enemies to the back of the truck. The armor explodes after a while.

  • Damage: 50
  • Duration: 1,5s
  • Freeze time (hit enemies) 0,5s
  • Cooldown: 7s
  • Average of self-repair: 345

Special Weapon: Black Ice
Concentrates the air around the vehicle and releases a huge blizzard, causing enemies nearby to freeze.

  • Damage: 50
  • Warmup: 1,75s
  • Freeze time (hit enemies): 3s

Passive Weapon: Freeze
Every weapon causes enemies to freeze when hit.

  • Freeze: Frozen vehicles aren’t able to turn (left/right) or change speed (accelerate/decelerate)