Metal League: Livestreams and giveaways schedule!

The Metal League starts this Saturday, but are you planning to follow the special Qualifiers’ stage Livestreams from our Community Managers? Then follow the schedule for each Livestream, and you’ll have the chance to watch on our Twitch channel!


  • Stage 1 – August 10th – Didigos from Brazil
  • Stage 2 – August 17th – Dailight from USA
  • Stage 3 – August 24th – Didigos from Brazil
  • Stage 4 – August 31st – T-Bone from Russia
  • Stage 5 – September 7th – No62NoExit from Turkey
  • Stage 6 – September 14th – Dailight from USA


Also, every week you’ll have one more reason to join the Metal League with your crew: weekly giveaways! To encourage players who will compete week in and week out in Heavy Metal Machines, we will make a giveaway every week with a different reward for the chosen team. Do you want to know more? Check it out:


How does it work?


Starting this Saturday (August 10th), one of the participating teams will win, and all of its members will be awarded the prize. The giveaway will be held on our live stream on Thursday’s night with Chancellor and Saramantis. With the final position of every team during that specific Stage, our boys will use an online tool to generate a valid random number. The number chosen will tell us which team has won the prize.

Check out the prizes:


  • Stage 1 – 5000 of Fame or 1 Visual Effect
  • Stage 2 – Kit with all HMM pilots
  • Stage 3 – Metal Legend model
  • Stage 4 – Heavy Metal Machines jerseys with the team’s logo
  • Stage 5 – Heavy Metal model
  • Stage 6 – Metal Pass Premium


If a player already has the prize, it’s up to them to decide which person will get it or decline the reward.

In order to participate in this giveaway, a team just has to play a Metal League match without having any player being flagged as AFK. They will be up for participation by being on the Stage Ranking – not the General Ranking.


You still don’t have a team to join the Metal League? Don’t you worry, our Discord has lots of people ready to help you find one!

Wanna know more about the Metal League and how it works? Click here and learn everything you need to know to compete.