Patch Notes (21/11/2018) – Version 2.00.854

Hello, Metal Gladiators!

The season 2 of the Metal Pass is here!

We have a bunch of updates in this version, so buckle up and ride with us!

New Character: Stargazer

Stargazer is the new pilot in Heavy Metal Machines. She came all the way from space to provide support to the challengers. J.J. – or Jada Jemison, pilots the hover equipped with powerful satellites that orbit over Metal City. To develop this character we counted on our amazing community, who provided us with the right information to create a very much needed contender.

Weapon 1

Orbital Beam launches a laser forward that deals damage to opponents. For every enemy hit, a charge of her weapon 2 is granted.

Attached to an ally: launches the laser at the cursor’s position

  • Damage on hit: 50
  • Damage per second: 40
  • Duration: 1,5 second
  • Cooldown: 2,7 seconds

Weapon 2

Life Support System is a cutting-edge tech system that activates a laser around the hover that repairs nearby allies. The duration of the effect is cumulative and the weapon can hold up to 5 charges.

Attached to an ally: Activates the repair at the cursor’s position

  • Repair on hit: 30
  • Repair per second: 100
  • Duration: 1 second

Weapon 3

Warp is the teleport. Stargazer warps to the cursor’s location (at time of cast). It brings a wide range of new possibilities and strategies into the arena. Can’t wait to see the epic plays!

Attached to an ally: Transfer yourself over to the ally whom your cursor is over.

  • Regular cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Attached cooldown: 2 seconds
  • Warmup: 0,5 of a second
  • Duration: 1 second

Special Weapon

Entangle is a new mechanic in Heavy Metal Machines which allows Stargazer to attach to any of her allies. The ally carrying the astronaut is repaired while doing so. This weapon’s energy bar will decrease with time or if your “ride” suffers damage. Hitting enemies with Orbital Beam or warping to an ally recovers some energy.

  • Repair on attaching: 100
  • Repair per second: 50
  • Energy drained per second: 12%
  • Energy drained when ally gets damaged: 10% of the damage the ally receives

General updates

So, as we already celebrated at the beginning of this post, season 2 has started. If you are not familiar with the Metal Pass, visit our FAQ and learn more about it. A bunch of other amazing updates are launched with the season 2, check them out:

  • Inventory

    • Added new tabs with models, characters and lore pieces that the player has.
  • Lifebar

    • The life bar received a polish to make it easier to read during the match.
  • Player’s Identification

    • Added a new interface to identify who a player is in a match. The feature can be switched on and off.
  • Sprays

    • Colors and sizes adjusted to make them more visible during the match.
  • Cash purchase feedback

    • New visual feedback added when purchasing Cash
  • Fame per Match

    • Players will now receive 25 Fame per victory and 15 on losses.
  • New items in the store and models for Icebringer

    • 3 new models for Icebringer:
      • Glacial Carrier
      • Cryonic Effect
      • Cold Truck
    • New items added to the store:
      • 6 Sprays
      • 5 visual effects (2 for rebuild, 1 for score, 1 for kill, 1 for starting line)
  • Additional information for Heavy Metal models

    • New feedback information about which features come with a Heavy Metal model


  • General

    • Drifting while trying to grab the bomb has been removed
    • When activating the bomb grabber, the vehicle now slows down
  • Dirt Devil

    • The activation of the passive skill will happen a little bit earlier now to solve an issue where the pilot collided with others
    • The machine increased in size to better fit its visual
    • Weapon 3: hook’s size slightly decreased to avoid collision with walls
  • Icebringer

    • Reduced in 25% the speed gain upon the starting line
    • Weapon 3: Reduced repair from 350 to 200
  • Metal Herald

    • Weapon 3: removed invulnerability during the weapon’s effect. Shield value increased by 175

Bug Fix

The most notable bug fixes are listed below:

  • Pick screen

    • Solved an issue where it would take a long time to show the 3D model
    • Fixed an issue with the chat scroll
    • Graphics information on some machines were not up to date and are now fixed.
  • Legacy: Temple of Sacrifice

    • Solved an issue where it was possible to “get out” of the arena during the rebuild
  • Endgame screen

    • Solved an issue that inverted the teams’ icons
  • Tutorial

    • Added kill effect to creeps
  • Sprays

    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Chat

    • Solved an issue where all players were shown as level 1 in the chat
    • Solved an issue that showed old portraits for players who own Founder’s Pack
  • Killfeed

    • Solved an issue that gave kill credits to the wrong player
  • Killer J

    • “More Clown Than Human” model showed a different portrait from its 3D model
  • Party

    • Solved an issue where the portrait disappeared after a match.
  • Custom Match

    • Fixed an issue where the flag of the teams wouldn’t be shown in the custom match.
  • Tickets

    • Solved an issue where the bomb got automatically dropped if grabbed when the player used any weapon
    • Solved an issue that counted one less level to players who played since the beta


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