Metal Pass First Impressions #1

Hello, pilots!

This is a place to post your first impressions and share how much you are loving the new level progression system.

So let’s get started with the player Death:

„The Metal Pass is a nice addition to Heavy Metal Machines, you earn pilots and other cool goodies just by playing, it also brings some kind of progression and goals to achieve for those who are bored easily”

The player Kanna Kamui also said:

„The game itself is fast paced and intense. Let’s not forget to mention the uniqueness which is perfect for me, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different on the market. Other than that you have the Metal Pass which is affordable. All you have to do is to play to get a variety of cosmetics and cars, no strings attached. The metal pass is truly a cherry on the top.”

The Brazilian player Stchublembs added:

“I confess I was a little bit afraid about the Metal Pass before seeing it, but it surprised me in a very positive way because so many different cosmetics were put in the game. (…) It could feel weird for the new pilot not receiving a big amount of Fame in the beginning, but I guarantee that it is gonna be worth playing the whole season as the player earns the valuable rewards”.

Enclosing, the play Spiq stated:

“The Metal Pass was the “Christmas” arriving earlier for me and other veteran players who love the game. It is a different system from the beta, but much more challenging and fun to be part of. (…) Hoplon did a good job in keeping the game free-to-play and balancing the progression levels.”


Do you have a testimonial too? Tell us what you think, and we might post it here!