What is and how to get the Heavy Metal Machines’ Steam Cards?

The Steam Cards are available in Heavy Metal Machines and you can get it and build your own badges. Learn how to start your collection:

What are Steam Cards?

The Steam Cards are special cards given to players by Steam. When you buy a game or make an in-game purchase, the platform rewards its customers with these special cards – which also has its worth. The cards usually bring concept art or illustrations related to the game’s character or scenarios and are available in your inventory.

How can I get a Steam Card?

The Steam Cards are given randomly for players that have already made a purchase inside the game.

For this reason, even with the Steam Cards available in other games, only players that got a Cash item in HMM have a chance to get it, following the Steam own rule. Therefore, you can get one of our awesome skins (and these are limited-time offer) and start your Steam Cards collection.

Which is the Heavy Metal Machines’ Steam Cards?

It’s important to highlight that there are 8 different Steam Cards, but you can get only 4 by playing. The others, you have to buy from other players or change for Steam Cards of other games with people interested.

How can I get a badge?

To create your own badge and customize your profile page, you have to collect all the 8 Steam Cards. The badges have levels, so if you wanna level a badge up, it’s necessary to get all the 8 Steam Cards again. You can do this by going to the community market and purchasing card from other players — or even better, trading with them.

Hey, other detail: steam drops random cards and maybe you’ll get the “foil” trading cards, which are way more valuable. They will form the foil badge — are you the lucky one to get this rare stuff?

Once you have 8 Steam Cards, craft the badge. It is very easy. There will be a button to click and craft. Done that, Steam will reward you with an exclusive emoticon of HMM and a wallpaper for your profile.

Buy some HMM items and start to play right now to earn your Steam Cards. Boost your profile and show the world your HMM badges!