Play for Fame event is here!

Hello, fellas!

Time to get some extra fame 😀

The “Play for Fame” event starts on the 9th of October, 00h00 UTC and rolls until the 15th of the same month, 23h59 UTC. Play and win at least 3 matches, every day, on the casual queue and get 540 extra fame daily.

  1. Some points to be aware of:
    If you go AFK (away from keyboard) during a match, your victory won’t count.
  2. The reward will be sent to your account on the next 24 hours after accomplishing the goal. E.g: won 3 matches the 9th, the fame will be deposited on the 10th.
  3. Extra fame won during the weekend will be deposited on Monday.

Play now, win the rewards and purchase the models and characters you are dreaming about!