Let’s get it started: Spirit Week is here!

Have you ever been to a new place and felt really “welcomed”? It’s a heck of a good feeling, right? We want you, your friends — or even your rival — to feel “welcomed” in Heavy Metal Machines. To make it happen, we are launching the Spirit Week. During this period (from 23.04.18 to 29.04.18), we will have a bunch of special posts in our social media for you to participate and receive prizes. Everyday, someone will win what we call a “Welcome Pack”, containing one bronze skin + xp booster.


Follow us on Instagram (instagram.com/officialhmm) and like our Facebook page (facebook.com/HeavyMetalMachines) to participate. BUT HEY: keep watching our pages to be the first in every post… You know, some keys might just appear in your timeline! 😉


SURPRISE! Here are some keys:

GR6NF-CJ4RZ-Z3FXP (Dirt Devil)

4DV82-RZPXH-PT2RW (Little Monster)