Patch Notes beta. – 10.04.2018

This update contains a brand new feature called “The Instructor”, which will guide new users through their first match when playing with the pilot Wildfire.

New Feature – The Instructor

  • How does it work?
    • New players that haven’t played any matches before will be guided with tips (speech and interface) during their first match with while playing with Wildfire.
    • New players will select Wildfire automatically for the first match, and starting from the second match, they will be able to select other characters.

The icons above Wildfire’s machine are Tips from the Instructor.


  • Does it work with all characters?
    • Currently, the Instructor works only with Wildfire, and it will be expanded to other characters in the future.


  • How do I turn it off?
    • The Instructor is enabled by default for all new players, and it can be turned off on the Options Menu.
    • You can’t turn it off during a match.
    • If you are level 5 or higher, the Instructor is disabled by default.