A New Arena is Coming

On the new arena, you will face new and exciting challenges that will make you think about new strategies for your team, giving you a whole new experience level for each pilot! Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Instagram and VK to get all the unlocked news as soon as they are here!

A new Lore chapter

The story behind the new Arena is mainly related to Windrider and her tribe. They were living in peace on the tribe fields until the dark day that Full Metal Judge made his foray to eliminate all living beings there.

He was succeeding, but was not expecting such strong defensive line, a divine protection called by the tribe ancients: the Divine Serpents.

Even so, Full Metal Judge overcame the defenses… and in a desperate final move, the Serpents called an ancient curse that almost killed FMJ and transformed his life forever. The same curse, however, also reawakened the Windrider spirit!

Second Wind

Now, you can hit the post and use the rebound in your favor. In the new Arena, if you miss the goal by hitting the bomb reflectors (one by each side of the goal), the explosive will bounce back and another member of your team (or even yourself) will be able to grab it and deliver — or your enemy will retrieve it and take all the way to the other side.

The circle won’t be broken

You think you are about to deliver the bomb, but there is one last challenge: the Ritual Circle. This point of the arena has circle treadmills that will speed you up or slow you down. It can be used as a place to spin around and recover life or escape from enemies’ chases while support comes closer to help. Each layer of the circle makes you go faster than other.

Don’t be so acid

Remember lava? Remember you could even travel over it? Yes, that was good compared to acid and treadmills. Here’s why: In the Cursed Necropolis course you will find places with acid lakes and treadmills that slowly push you towards death. YES, death: Acid means instakill after one second, because it deals 600 of damage.

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