Patch Notes (23/10/2019) – Version 6.01.1400

Hello, Metal Gladiators

An update has been released today, bringing the 2019 edition of Metallophobia – the Halloween event of Heavy Metal Machines. Additionally, we have also some spooky bug fixes and UI improvements on the pick screen.

Metallophobia 2019

New items will be available in the Store for a limited time. You have until November 5th to purchase them. Check out the spooky trailer and don’t miss it!


  • Dirt Devil – Dirt Demon
  • Photon – Vampire Countess
  • Black Lotus – Curse of Nefertem
  • Rampage – Arachnophobia
  • Artificer – 71st Witchcraft
  • Little Monster – It’s Alive

Start Line Effect

  • Spooky Dash

Rebuilding Effect

  • Smashing Pumpkin

Score Effect

  • Pumpkin Harvest

Kill Effects

  • Guano with the Wind
  • Pumpkill


  • Mischievous Laughter
  • Rage-o’-lantern
  • Kiss Kiss Goodbye


Pick Screen Improvements

This interface went through a full overhauling session. The functions from the previous version did not changed, but as you can see, all information are clearer.

Bug Fixes


  • Several texts and their positions on the interface have been adjusted in most of the languages.
  • The Metal League description has been updated with the current season information.
  • The Ranked Mode Icon has been updated to its new version on the Game Mode selection screen.
  • Vulture’s image in the Store has been updated to its correct version.
  • Fixed some interface bugs on the Metal Pass menu (texts and icons).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rampage’s bulldozer to overlap the Interceptor symbol on the pick screen.
  • Fixed a text bug on the social menu status when a friend is spectating a match.
  • Fixed a bug on the pick screen that caused machines under the disabled effect to appear in a different color when hovering it with the mouse.
  • Fixed a bug store that allowed interaction with the menus behind the window that appears when purchasing an item.
  • Fixed a bug on the match ending screen that caused the icons that indicate how many points were scored appear overlapping the portrait.

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Heavy Metal Machines Team