Patch Notes (17/09/2019) – Version 5.01.1363

Hello, Metal Gladiators

A major update has been released today, bringing new features to the Training mode.

New Training mode features

Now players will be able to practice and improve their skills in modified matches against A.I.

There are two new Training modes:

Interceptor or Support
A mode to practice playing as Interceptor or Support.

The following modifications are applied:

  • You can’t grab the bomb
  • You’re invulnerable throughout the entire match
  • Bots speed is reduced by 20%
  • Passive energy gain for the Special Weapon is increased by 200%

A mode to practice playing as a Transporter.

The following modifications are applied:

  • Bots will never grab the bomb
  • Bots speed reduced by 20%
  • Bots become invulnerable and paralyzed when the player is not carrying the bomb
  • Rebuilding time reduced by 33%

General Rules

  • The characters from the weekly rotation will also apply to the Training mode. For players who already purchased other characters, they’ll also be available.
  • All matches are played in the Metal God arena.
  • Training matches don’t reward XP or Fame.
  • Training matches won’t appear on the match history.
  • Training matches can’t be played while in a group.
  • Leaving a training match before it ends won’t apply any penalty to the account.
  • Closing the game client for any reason during a training match will end it immediately.
Bots A.I.
  • The A.I. has been improved, and bots are now less likely to drive over droppers.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed a bug that made the chat appear when pressing Alt+Enter to enter Fullscreen or Windowed mode.
  • Fixed a bug that made the character or skin model selection change while pressing some keys when the game was not focused (a.k.a while you are Alt-tabbin’)
  • Fixed a bug that made the screen randomly flash during a match.
  • Fixed some visual issues at the acid in the Temple of Sacrifice and some rocks in Metal God Arena.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to open the emote’s radial menu while the match is loading.
  • Fixed an interface bug that kept the cooldown cursor appearing while using a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the skin models’ names appear in the purchase confirmation window.

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Heavy Metal Machines Team