Vulture – The Bounty Hunter

The mysterious rider was born many decades ago and was raised by a group of bounty hunters. This group which he spent his life with, and learned how to hunt was the Vulture Blades MC.

Knowing he was near to death before his last breath, Vulture met a strange figure that asked him “how much he wanted to live”. With his 2,23 meters of stature and with an unknown name, Vulture had his life transposed into a Golem to cheat the death and keep hunting for eternity.

After being disoriented for a while, he found out that the Vulture Blades MC were decimated. But what caused so many deaths? Regardless of what caused it, what we know is that now he’s alone.


Today, Vulture is carrying the legacy of the hunters, competing in the arenas intending to hunt pilots still and look for contracts. So don’t forget to avoid driving on his path, because you may be the next one in his blacklist.

Wanna know how to ride with him in the arenas? Watch the Machine Spotlight!