Strategy Guide Contest

A new contest is available for veterans Metal Gladiators in Metal City!


Aiming to help newcomers in Heavy Metal Machines, the forces of the Metal God are calling you for a strategy guide contest, starting on May 10th and going until May 21st. It’s worth a Metal Pass Premium +20 Levels for the authors of the best guides.

To take part in this event, the player needs to post on the Guides Section of the Steam Forum a guide filled with strategies to get skilled on matches. It must be for matches in Metal God or Temple of Sacrifice arenas.

It must be a guide including from team composition, to the way each pilot have to behave/move in the arena. An example of a complete guide is the one that uses images, screenshots of the game with pointer arrows to clarify what is being explained, and so on.

The authors of the best guide for the Metal God arena, and the best one for the Temple of Sacrifice arena will be rewarded with a Metal Pass Premium +20 Levels.


By taking part, the author agrees that the content can be used by Hoplon to divulge it.


Important information:

  1. The contest is valid for guides published from May 10th until May 21st.
  2. We’ll announce the winners and deliver the reward on May 24th.
  3. The game account rewarded will be the same as the one that publishes the guide on the Steam forum. Only the person who created the guide (published on Steam) will be rewarded, regardless of how many people contributed to creating it.
  4. Players that already have Metal Pass Premium will receive the next season’s premium pass
  5. Players can write only one guide to participate. However, they can write guides for both arenas, so they can have the chance to win one of them.
  6. One player can’t win the contest for both arenas. We will pick two guides (one for each arena – Temple of Sacrifice and Metal God), from different people.
  7. Language restriction: only in English, Portuguese, French, Russian, Turkish, or Polish.


Let’s help to spread the word of the Metal God by helping new players!