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Hello, Metal Gladiator

Come closer, let’s have a chat about this Metal League thing. If you got here, you’re willing to know more about this tournament or solve some issue you have AND we are eager to hear and help you. WOW, IT’S A MATCH!

We’ll give some useful information about it and help you start competing in the Metal League because the FUN is guaranteed here (and some cash prize pool too) 😛

Before I forget: every player of the best new team of this Saturday (30.03) will win a Metal Pass Premium key 🙂

So, what is the Metal League?

Metal League is an in-game event that takes place in every Metal Pass season and rewards the best Heavy Metal Machines’ teams.

The tournament is held in two phases: classificatory and playoffs. During the classificatory phase, teams are ranked based on free matches that occur every Saturday 2 pm – 8 pm (GMT 0) from March 9 to April 13. In this season, the best-ranked teams in the qualifiers phase will square off in the playoffs to compete for a prize pool of €5.000,00.

These are the basics, and you could simply join right now, but I want you to stay with me because I will show you some more in-depth information.

MAYBE, once in the past, you were the captain of a team and stopped playing. To check if your team is still up, click on the top-right team icon on the main menu. It will open a window to show this information. Three options from here:

  • If you still have the team, contact the players via Steam chat or Discord – or smoke signal if you wish, and gather them back to play the Metal League.
  • If you don’t have any team and is a lone ranger wandering through Metal City, join our Discord Channel, shout out and a community manager will surely help you find the best gang 🙂

  • If you want to change teams you are free to do so! It’s a mix of these two topics above. You first delete your old team, then start a new one.


Let me tell you. The Metal League is a tournament, it has prize pool and all that good stuff, BUT it is also the best moment to find the best matches! The person who writes this can’t play in the League because it is in the rules, but he would surely play for fun. So, why don’t you?

Before you join, take a look at the rules, just to be sure everything will go fine.


👉All levels can join anytime, from anywhere.

👉No entry fees. It’s a free to play league – In a free to play game!

👉Every Saturday. 2pm – 8pm GMT 0 – A REAL chance to go to the finals!

👉€5,000 in money – Cash prizes every season.

👉The first GREAT FINALS will be held on Saturday, April 20th!


Just because you’re awesome, Saramantis made this video to recap everything that happened so far – and invite you to the awesomeness!


NEED MORE? Mind-blowing Heavy Metal Machines trailer on your face!



🚗💣Link to download Heavy Metal Machines FOR FREE 🚗💣

📖Everything about the Metal League

📜Rules of the Metal League

💯Metal League – Points Earned Per Stage

📢 HMM Discord Channel

👥Facebook group to find a team


If you have any questions, send us your message via Discord or Facebook.

I’ll see you in the arenas!🤘