You asked, and we brought it! New items are available in the game store!

Season 2 has arrived, bringing all the mysteries from ‘Into The Abyss‘ to Metal City arenas with it! This time, we’re here to show you the new content that we brought to you to improve your experience in Heavy Metal Machines.

Besides the content of the Metal Pass, we have more than 10 items on sale in our game store. Check below some excellent content available now!

Icebringer ‘Glacial Carrier’ model:

For only 820 Cash or 2000 Fame, you can get one of this old-fashioned trucks, prepared for extreme conditions of the North and even for the battles of Metal City.

Icebringer ‘Cryonic Effect’ model:

For only 1150 Cash, get this model for Icebringer that only quantum mechanics can explain.

Effects are a fantastic way to get more attention from players and to show how engaged you are with the game. You can buy effects by only 200 Cash each.

‘Rocket Incoming’ rebuild effect:

‘Thunder Strike’ rebuild effect:

‘Let’s Rock’ goal effect:

‘Angel’ start line effect:

‘Pow’ kill effect:


Also, you can show respect and make plays funnier than ever with sprays. We have 5 new sprays, but I can say by heart that this is a favorite one. The ‘Tasty’ spray, for only 60 cash you can use this salt spray to make enemies thirsty.

Play now with the Metal Pass Premium to earn Cash, or buy Cash on your own to get the most incredible items in the game store!