New Weekly rotation system

Hello, Metal Gladiators.


Today we will talk about the new weekly rotation system that will come up with the season 2 of the Metal Pass. Here is how it will work:

For new players – up to level 5

Before season 2, the rotation for new players had 5 fixed pilots and one weekly rotational character. Also, “new players” were those within levels 1 and 3. From now on, the level range has been stretched to 5 and there are 5 interceptors always available for these players: Wildfire, Stingray, Clunker, Rampage, and Killer J. This way, all the newcomers will taste the best of combat and destruction of Heavy Metal Machines.

For veterans – above level 5

Previously, we had 3 fixed pilots and 3 in a rotation, now things have changed. BUT WHY? Because we believe veterans can exercise their strategic ideas and need different classes of pilots available all the time. Now, Wildfire will be always available and there will be 1 transporter, 1 support, and 2 interceptors.

Spoiler alert

Don’t tell Chancellor, but I will leak here the rotation (for veterans) for November 20th: Little Monster, Photon, Clunker, Killer J.