Patch Notes (08/11/2018) – Version 1.03.831

Hello, Metal Gladiators!

We have great news for everyone who needs more details and help with controls. Thanks to our highly engaged community, we received feedback about the keys and dynamics of Heavy Metal Machines. At this first moment, we will step up and provide the instructor for every character and controls tips on the loading screen. Let’s break it down:


The mode is now available for every character and it is split into 2 categories of tips:

  • Complete
    • Weapons’ use
    • Interaction with the bomb
    • Machine maneuvers
    • Characters: Wildfire, Stingray, Windrider, Artificer, and Clunker
  • Basic
    • Interaction with the bomb
    • Machine maneuvers
    • Characters: Black Lotus, Dirt Devil, Full Metal Judge, Icebringer, Killer J., Little Monster, Metal Herald, Photon e Rampage.

Loading screen with controls tips

Just before the match gets started, you will be able to double check the game controls. The loading screen you see before the matches went through an overhauling session — we’ve added basic controls information there, so everyone can see the essential keys for maneuvering the machine, using the weapons and interacting with the bomb; and updated the layout of the points of interest of each arena (starting line, bomb spawn and enemy base)

That’s all, folks! If you have any questions regarding this update, drop us a line (or if you have any doubt at all), we are more than happy to help you!. Follow our social media and join our Discord. Don’t forget to invite your friends to play and leave a review on Steam!



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