Dev Blog #2: Graphics programming in Heavy Metal Machines

There are many steps in the developing process until the game’s final version is in good shape for players. As players, we all know the importance of performance when we’re talking about graphics. It is so good when you hear the classic: “this game could run in a calculator!” — Which means, the game performs well in a limited PC.

To achieve this level, there are professionals like Allan Camargo: the Graphics Programmer. On his job, Allan makes feasible all the visual effects, making sure a wide range of GPUs will run the game in a way that the player will have a good experience. Now, think… Every character has different effects and it will result in a variety of behaviors on the user’s PC.

Allan says that stepping-up to Unity 5 took Heavy Metal Machines to a whole new level of performance. With the 64-bits support, his works resulted in almost 100% of improvement, receiving a very low amount of reports for graphics crashes.

There is one area he works a lot with: technical artists. They are always together because the “T.A” are responsible for taking all the art and making it ready for the programmers. Allan uses a lot of software on a daily basis, but the main ones are:

Unity Editor, for the game’s engine is Unity; Visual Studio and Nvidia Nsight for coding and graphics “debug”.

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