Artificer: the immortal scientist

Artificer is one of, if not the, oldest person still living in the world of Heavy Metal Machines. She was born before the Apocalypse and can still remember the days when science was dominant. Treated as a crazy old hag by those in the current world, and branded a heretic by the Sect of Metal, she values science over superstition and uses her skill as an engineer to cause trouble for the Sect.

A brilliant scientist, she knew that the world was about to end, and therefore, prepared herself to survive. She built an underground laboratory and found a way to preserve her body until the apocalypse was over. After that, she woke up in a completely different world — and helped to build Metal City.

Sometime after the construction of the town Artificer was called to help with a secret project in the city. It was late when she discovered about the atrocities committed against the project’s employees, so she deleted her information and ceased with the sharing of knowledge.

Artificer was getting old and weak, her body was not the same anymore and she knew her time was close. But she could not go without finishing what she started, she could not leave knowing that the world was in the hands of the Sect. She then started to travel looking for a way to survive. In those days she made some allies all over the place and, eventually, found a way to become immortal, transferring her mind to her machine.

She continued with her travels until she was confident that she could oppose the Sect. And then she returned to Metal City, to fight the Sect once and for all.