Stingray: the rebel who became a leader

Rebellious and with serious issues against authority, especially the Sect of Metal, the kid is an idol to all of those who feel the oppressive weight of the Patrons or the Sect of Metal bearing down on them. However, despite all of that, one of the biggest reasons he stages his performances, broadcasts his shows and challenges the status quo is to show the world that anything is possible with hard work.

He grew up alone in the tunnels beneath Metal City, learning to survive, working to repair the old tech he found down there and watching Little Monster’s father victories in the HMM Tournament. He decided to rebel against the oppression of the Patrons and Sect of Metal starting as a hacker, pirate media personality and performance artist in the streets of Metal City. Running his free pirate television show, Free Metal TV, that broadcasted across the city and region, he rose in popularity as many came to watch his exploits, fighting against the oppressive tyranny of the world. He gathered a small group of followers who follow him by example, called the Underdogs.

He was finally apprehended by Full Metal Judge and brought before the court. His popularity had surged to the point where the Sect of Metal did not wish to make a martyr of him, and instead, sentenced him to serve his dues in the Arena, where they expected him to die, but in the Arena, Stingray found the truest way to express himself and each fight became a new performance piece.