Every Metal Legend needs a proper outfit

Now the Rockstar and Metal Legend skins are back to the HMM store. If you are new to Heavy Metal Machines, it’s time to upgrade your characters, save some Fame and buy every ride. If you are a veteran, why not buying those special Metal Legend ones? Anyway, let’s go through them and understand the difference between each level of skins we have so far in the game.


The first step is to access the store and purchase the basic skin for each character. Once you have done this, you can go to “models” and start looking for the painting in each category (the category is found on the upper-right side of the screen):



These are the first level of skins. The Idol-kind of models are the cheapest ones and all of them can be purchased with Fame — each one costs 500. Each character has two standards skins (no played time required) and one based on the progression. The progression skins are unlocked when the player reaches level 3 of the pilots (which require few hours of gameplay).


When you’ve spent some more hours in-game, you’ve become a Rockstar. To handle this responsibility, you’ve gotta buy new skins. The basic fame price here is 2.000 and the level of progression for each character is 5:

Metal Legend

The ultimate characters’ customization are the Metal Legend models. There are 3 kinds within this level: Standard, progression and veteran. The first one, the standards, are purchased only with hard currency — time to swipe the credit card, my friend! The second one is unlocked by progression. Each character has one special painting to be bought when reaches the level 10. It costs 10.000 of Fame. Lastly, the Veteran: this kind is fully golden-swag-body-paintings that shows what you came for in the arena!

We also have special events skins, such as Simply the Best (From the South American Championship) and the Metallophobia spooky models.