Patch Notes beta. 03.04.2018

On this version, we have fixed 91 bugs. This Patch Notes contains the 22 most relevant for players, and that were noticeable by them. The others 69 didn’t affect the player’s experience at a level that can be noticed, but were fixed as well. Check it out:

Major Bugs:

  • Pick Screen
    • Player picked Artificer instead the chosen pilot.
  • Custom Match
    • Players were automatically banned from Custom Matches.
  • Matchmaking
    • Player was automatically removed from the queue.
  • Bots
    • Stingray BOT suddenly stopped to work.
  • Metal Herald
    • Players got Special Weapon charge even without hitting targets.
  • Social
    • Player’s status shown “In Group” even after the player leaving the group.
    • System chat was open, and no message was shown.
    • Wasn’t possible to cancel a group invitation.
    • Some players were shown with incoherent status.

Minor Bugs:

  • Interface
    • Machines’ aim lines passed through the Temple of Sacrifice’s center circle.
    • Team’s icons were dislocated in the stats screen.
    • Stats icons were shown wrong.
    • Minimap showed a previously removed blocker.
    • Founder’s Pack’s borders weren’t shown in some situations.
    • Avatar’s loading picture was shown wrong.
    • Friend’s list tooltip was inconsistent.
  • Voice Over
    • Pilot’s voice wasn’t played after a victory or loss.
    • Pilot’s voice wasn’t played after player’s death.
  • Clunker
    • Clunker’s respawn icon was shown wrong.
  • Artificer
    • Visual feedback was incorrect when Artificer hits a target.
  • Little Monster
    • The visual effect of Little Monster’s Weapon 2 was shown in the wrong position.
  • Windrider
    • The visual effect when Windrider hit an ally was incoherent.