New arena reskin: Christmas is coming to Metal City

The Christmas spirit is coming to Metal City. Soon, all our players will be able to enjoy an incredible arena reskin with the holiday theme. The reskin is coming to the Temple of Sacrifice, it’s scheduled to arrive in the next couple weeks and will be available for a limited period. Besides the new reskin, the Heavy Metal Machines will also get a new bomb chosen by the community. Check it out:


The snowmen are the inspiration for the bomb’s concept, trying to make the players remember the snow fights typical of this part of the year. The ice thorns appear just when the bomb is ready to be launched and cause damage to enemies, replacing the blue effect in the standard version of it.

Other than that, the delivery point where the sacrifice was made got some customization as well. Now, it’s possible to see an evil Santa Claus embracing the Temple of Sacrifice crusher. A lot of other different and small details were added to the rest of arena to bring the Christmas spirit to your matches.


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