Bring Heavy Metal Machines’ College Championships to your university!

If you’re in college and wanna bring the e-sports culture to your colleagues and friends, this is your big chance: the Heavy Metal Machines college championship. With them, it’s possible to create a competitive environment inside your university and get the support of the game’s developer in the competition and with the prizes.

What are college championships?

The college championships are competitions made inside universities to encourage the e-sports practice, contribute to the Heavy Metal Machines competitive environment and disseminate the game to new groups of people. They are disputed only by college students of the university with interest to host it, and the event has face-to-face matches.

What are the benefits of bringing a college championship to my university?

The main benefit of having a college championship in your university is the support that Hoplon gives on the organization of this kind of tournament. Besides the prizes with kits and gaming gadgets, the exposure of the university’s name and its inclusion in the e-sports culture are other great points among these benefits. For the players, the opportunity to become a pro player in a developing competitive game scenario is a good and worthwhile shot.

Another interesting point is, if you’re from the design program, there’s the possibility to bring a Hoplon artist for a talk to share the experience of how is the Heavy Metal Machines visual creation process. Depending on the organization’s adherence, these hours can count as internship hours for your curriculum.

How can I register my university?

To register your university to host a college championship, you just have to send an e-mail to

Talk with us and help us bring the Heavy Metal Machines for your university too!

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