Log and get rewards every day in Heavy Metal Machines

Besides being so much fun and competitive, playing Heavy Metal Machines can get you a lot of different benefits to level up and get more skins faster. All of this because the daily rewards system gives prizes for the most regular players of Metal City. Wanna learn more?

Daily Rewards

The Daily Rewards works simply: you just have to log on the game to get your prize. The longer your streak is, the better your reward will be. Check out the prize list:

  • Day 1 – XP Booster
  • Day 2 – Fame Booster
  • Day 3 – 150 Fame
  • Day 4 – XP Booster
  • Day 5 – 300 Fame
  • Day 6 – Fame Booster
  • Day 7 – 500 Fame + Fame Booster + XP Booster

Use these rewards to level up and get Fame faster to unlock all pilots and skins you want!  Start playing Heavy Metal Machines for free right now on Steam.