1st edition of the Heavy Metal Machines college championship starts this weekend

On this next Saturday, November 11, the first edition of the Heavy Metal Machines college championship is going to be played at Univali – Universidade do Vale do Itajaí. The competition will be hosted on the Florianópolis’ campus of the university and will have eight teams created by students of the “Game Design and Digital Entertainment” graduation program. The winners are going to be rewarded with t-shirts, in-game items, Razer Kraken headphones and the chance to visit the Hoplon’s head office and learn about the routine of a game developer.

The college championship of Univali will be disputed on the single-elimination format – it takes only one loss to be eliminated. The students will use the Battefly platform to generate the keys and coordinate the tournament, with start and end time scheduled for the same day (11/11).

The college championships are a part of Hoplon’s strategy to show the Heavy Metal Machines eSports potential. After the realization of the European and South American Championship, the plans for 2018 are to explore even more this scenario and bring more news to players. Besides the college and community championships, there’s an idea to make a face-to-face final for the new editions of our regional competitions.

Are you interested in making a Heavy Metal Machines championship on your university? Get in touch with us through the e-mail marketing@hoplon.com and help us to spread the Heavy Metal’s seed into the world!

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