Machine Progression Level – what you need to know!

Do you need more reasons to keep playing Heavy Metal Machines and leveling up in the game? Then come closer and learn how the Machine Progression Level works!

Besides the account progression, you can level up each machine while you play and achieve victories with it. This way, exclusive models start to unlock to be bought with Fame in the game store.

Click on your ‚Profile‘ and then in ‚Machines‘, this is where you can access this information. Here you can analyze your statistics with the machines available in the game.

To unlock exclusive models to be bought with Fame, you must achieve level 3 to unlock the ‚Idol‘ model, level 5 to unlock the ‚Rockstar‘ model, and level 10 to ‚Metal Legend‘ model.

It’s a piece of cake! Play now and level up your favorite machines! We hope to see you in the podiums from our tournaments, huh?