Heavy Halloween event is coming to Metal City!

The scary time’s returning to hair-raising Metal City pilots, and you can’t stay out of this event and lose the chance to earn scary themed models.

Heavy Halloween‚ event starts on October 24th, 16h00 UTC, and you only need to complete group matches to earn the prizes. We’ll distribute the themed models on Wednesdays for those who reach the goals. The event will end on November 20th, and we’ll distribute the last models on November 21st.

Take note on how many matches you need to complete to earn the models:

  • 5 group matches: Little Monster ‚Run. Trample. Repeat‘

  • 10 group matches: Wildfire ‚Water and Fire‘

  • 20 group matches: Little Monster ‚Father’s Heritage‘

  • 40 group matches: Artificer ’71st Witchcraft‘

The prizes are not exchangeable. If you already have any of them, use this opportunity to show them off in the arenas!

Custom matches are not counting in this event, just casual ones. We’ll only count matches started after 16h00 UTC from October 24th and completed before 23:59h UTC from November 20th.

Other Halloween Models:

The following models are now available in the store for the price of 1150 Cash, for a limited time:

  • It’s Alive! – Little Monster

  • Arachnophobia – Rampage

  • Curse of Nefertem – Black Lotus

Invite your friends to play! If you don’t have anyone, don’t worry because we have a receptive and friendly community in our Discord waiting for you! Check out here: https://goo.gl/Qzws4b


Play now and get spooky in the arenas!