Pilots’ rotation is back and improved!

Today, the pilots’ rotation is back, but it’s not merely a random roulette. We improved the system to differentiate new players and veterans. Check out how it’s going to work:

New Players:

Players on level 1 to 3 will have Wildfire, Artificer, Stingray, Clunker and Windrider always available. This week, Metal Herald will be added to the rotation, packing the 6 chosen pilots for the rotation.


Players on level 4 to 30 will have Wildfire, Artificer, Stingray, Little Monster, Dirt Devil and Killer J this week.

Our goal with this new system is to deliver the best experience for both groups of players and encourage the new players to level up their accounts quickly. You may question us “what about my favorite characters?” Well… If none of them is in the rotation, go ahead, get the Fame you need and buy them! 😀