How you can use Discord to make friends and create your Heavy Metal Machines team

Playing Heavy Metal Machines with friends is more fun and exciting, in addition to the possibility to earn prizes on special events. But if you are having trouble to find players to talk and create a team, don’t worry: we have a Discord server created just for this reason. Wanna learn more? So check out how to use Discord and enhance your HMM experience:

First steps

The first step to start interacting with other people of the community is very simple, you just have to click on this link and be redirected to our Heavy Metal Machines server on Discord.

After clicking on this link, you just have to accept the screen’s invitation, and you’re gonna be redirected directly to our server. On the left of your screen, there will be a lot of channels. Make sure to check them all out, but the most important is the #rules-faq, which contains all details about Discord and how to use it in our community.


Once you are inside the Heavy Metal Machines server, you’ll be ready to start meeting people on Discord. Search for the #bot_commands channel and type “.rank English”, or any other language you wanna also use (Portuguese, French or Russian).

It’s worth to remember that every channel has its own purpose, so be participative and keep the focus on the right topic. Some basic commands are just like other message apps. You can tag someone by typing @ and the player’s nickname, and you can speak with the entire channel by typing @everyone or @here.


The immediate benefit of joining our Discord server is how close you are to our community. Besides receiving notifications of everything that happens in the game, you can meet new players and create a team to compete in the regional championships and community tournaments. And if you’re just looking for casual matches, this is the perfect place to check out if there’s someone online and also looking for a match.

Another important thing to know about Discord is the proximity between the community and Hoplon. This way, our development team will receive your feedback and suggestions at a faster pace, meaning that the players can help us build a better game even more.

What are you waiting for? Join our Discord server right now!

Wanna know Heavy Metal Machines? Download for free right now on Steam and start playing!