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Rules of Conduct - Regras de Conduta
Last updated 2 years ago

By downloading the game, you accept and agree to abide by this set of Rules of Conduct. In case you have already installed the game, we will consider that the Rules of conduct hereby listed have been accepted at the moment the user starts a match.
In addition to these Rules of Conduct, you should always keep in mind the right of other users to properly enjoy the game.

The Rules of Conduct may be modified by Hoplon at any time.

These changes will be communicated to players through the forum, social media and/or game site.

Hoplon reserves the right to block and/or cancel your game account if you disregard any of these rules, being able to apply to punishments, temporary or definitive, in regards to the game, as well as social media channels, including Facebook, forums, Discord, Instagram, Steam content, and other related mediums.

These Rules of Conduct act in conjunction with the Heavy Metal Machines Software Terms of Use


1.1 – You may not attempt to defraud, harass, persecute, threaten, cause harm, and / or draw unwanted attention to another user, including, but not limited to, offending or defaming another user or group of users.

1.2 – You may not publish, post, spread, or transmit any actual personal information about other users (name, address, phone, photo, account name, etc.) and any other data that may harm the privacy of other users, through the game Heavy Metal Machines, forums, websites and pages / social media groups.

1.3 – You may not engage in rude behavior towards other users, including but not limited to annoying, harassing, or using inappropriate or aggressive language when interacting with users in the game Heavy Metal Machines, forums, websites, and pages / groups. social media.


2.1 – The player is not allowed to use any form of offensive or abusive language in order to threaten anyone with defamatory, obscene, illegal, racial, hateful, ethnically offensive, sexually explicit and harmful content.

2.2 – The player is not allowed to be a member of, or to organize, any kind of group in HEAVY METAL MACHINES that is based on or has racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-homosexual, or any philosophy that preaches any kind of revolting or hateful behavior.

2.3 – The player is not permitted to make any distinction, exclusion, restriction or use of language or terms that are intended to humiliate, insult, prejudice or otherwise disseminate hatred towards other players or groups of players, including but not limited to, discrimination based on ethnic, political, religious, economic, social, cultural, national, gender and sexual orientation issues, among others.


3.1 – You will not be able to insult, offend, humiliate, use ironic, sarcastic or playful comments when communicating with a member of Hoplon staff during the performance of their duties, as well as to make use of any image content belonging to that person, sharing the profile, or in private groups.

3.2 – You may not hinder or impede the work of Hoplon staff.

3.3 – Any and all offenses against Hoplon companies and employees shall be considered as infringements of this code of conduct. Attention: Our team does not request data (such as: login, password, etc.) nor items to players in the game or social networks.


4.1 – You may not engage in in-game practices that compromise its performance for other users or impair its playability in any way.

4.2 – You will not be able to send consecutive messages repeatedly (such as flooding, spam, etc.) in any channel or game chat.

4.3 – You cannot pass yourself for any other user, be it your friend or family member.

4.4 – You may not share any false information with Hoplon with or without the intention to harm other players or for your own benefit. This includes any kind of communication with the company Hoplon and its employees within the game, Forum, Facebook, Blog, Ticket or among other official communication media.


Under no circumstances will it be allowed to practice Unsporting Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to:

5.1 – Loosing on purpose: This action means that you allow yourself to be intentionally defeated by an opponent repeatedly, in order to give advantage to the opponents and / or to disadvantage the team in which you are participating.

5.2 – Negative Attitude: This action means when a player tries to discourage other players, insisting on asking the surrender of the team, threatening to abandon the game and / or discouraging the other players.

5.3 – Harassment: This action means when a player persecutes another player, practicing against him actions that detract from his game play.

5.4 – Threats: You cannot make threats of any kind to users within the game. The same goes for family, friends or people who have any type of relationship with the user.

Unsportsmanlike conduct is by definition any action that attempts to impair, disrupt or hamper the gaming experience of other players, just as they can benefit other players by facilitating their game win.


6.1 – You cannot name a character with words that are obscene, offensive, or apologetic to drug use or racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, homophobic, or any philosophy that preaches any type of revolting or hateful behavior. If the nickname is considered to be some kind of interpretation relative to the above-mentioned irregularities, it may be changed and if this is not possible, the account may be suspended and / or blocked.

6.2 – You may not use special characters, spaces or symbols in order to make identification more difficult.


7.1 – You may not join or organize any kind of Heavy Metal Machines group that is based on a racist, apologetic to drug use, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethical, homophobic, or disseminating some kind of revolting or hateful behavior or that promotes any kind of discrimination, or any kind of rude or obscene behavior.

7.2 – You cannot have a team name that makes it difficult to identify the team.

7.3 – You may not create or lead a team whose name may be confused with identifications created or used by Hoplon, this includes but is not limited to: identifications beginning with Hoplon, Heavy Metal Machines [GM], [GE], Tester, Coordinator, Support etc.


8.1 – The player is not allowed to pose as any employee of Hoplon, or support representative for users of HEAVY METAL MACHINES.

8.2 – The player is not allowed to call himself a friend or relative of Hoplon Employees to provoke other users or to benefit from such status.

8.3 – The player is not allowed to impersonate another player to take advantage of his friends.


9.1 – You may not modify any part of the Heavy Metal Machines client or its server in order to alter the operation of game items or the game in general.

9.2 – You will not be able to use or benefit any pilot or game account through the use of irregular programs (such as: trainers, hacks, phase editors, etc.)

9.3 – You cannot associate with other users who use irregular programs in order to benefit directly or indirectly. Punishment may be applied to all users involved without distinction.

9.4 – You cannot use irregular practices to gain advantage in the game, such as the acquisition of equipment and / or for success in events and promotions, through programs BOTs, AFK, etc.

9.5 – You cannot use or benefit from, directly or indirectly, any type of fault for the misuse of the system in Heavy Metal Machines.

9.6 – You can not interfere with, hack or decrypt any transmission to or from the Heavy Metal Machines servers.

9.7 – You cannot obtain items or amounts of coins in any irregular way.


10.1 – You cannot do any marketing, commercial promotion, commercial announcements or solicitations within the game. This rule also applies to character names, Teams, or Halls that make any mention of this type of content.

10.2 – You may not announce any intent to and/or buy, sell, trade, share, or transfer access to any Heavy Metal Machines account done for real money, items, products, coins, games, or by exchanging any aid in any channel, chat room or game room.

10.3 – No discussion or disclosure of links, websites, forums or groups dealing with or using client modifications, hacks, trainers, editors or any other third-party programs, as well as unofficial servers or general illicit programs will be allowed. Discussions regarding the items cited above and their defense are expressly prohibited.

10.4 – You may not disclose the existence of a procedure for misuse of the system to anyone outside Hoplon. We encourage you to report all bugs and such procedures immediately through a ticket in the Support Center so that we can arrange for their correction.

10.5 – You may not advertise or market any kind of illegal or non-official software, service or activity.

10.6 – You may not create, use, provide, disclose, or distribute any utility, emulator, or software tool relating to Heavy Metal Machines without written or express written permission from Hoplon.



11.1 – You may not share your account information with others. By downloading the game, you are fully responsible for all in-game actions carried out through it.

11.2 – You shall not use the game as a means to violate any local, state, national, international or regulatory law.

11.3 – You must follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in the game environment.
Attention: Our team does not request registration data (such as: login, password, etc.) nor items to players in game or social networks.

11.4 – If the holder / legal representative of the rights of a given product name, image, icon, symbol, logo, or trademark makes claim to Hoplon about the name of any team or character using the name or brand belonging to such holder / representative, the user will be subject to suspension, and / or eventual blocking of the account.

11.5 – If any user or Team uses a known brand name to denigrate their "image" and "good name" for any reason, the user will be subject to the penalties provided in the Punishment Table.

11.6 – For the security of the Heavy Metal Machines accounts, Hoplon reserves the right to block users' accounts on a preventive basis, to ascertain any and all suspicion of irregularity for a term not exceeding 30 days.

11.7 – In case the action violates more than one rule, the most severe one shall prevail.

11.8 – The player is not allowed to buy or advertise, regardless of the form of payment, any type of service of more experienced players in order to improve the numbers of his account (Eliminations, Victories, Level, Medals).




1st Occurrence

2nd Occurrence

3rd Occurrence


Offensive/Obscene language

5-day account block

15-day account block

30-day account block



30-day account block

Permanent block

Disrespect to the staff

15-day account block

30-day account block

Permanent block

Bad conduct


5-day account block

15-day account block

30-day account block

Bad conduct


15-day account block

30-day account block

Bad conduct


Team leader and Admins will be notified and be removed from the Ranking

Team leader and Admins will be notified and the Team will be disbanded

Innapropriate Name


Name change

Name change and 30-day account block

Permanent block

Innapropriate Name


Team name change

Team leader 30-day account block and team name change

Innapropriate Name


5-day account block

15-day account block

Innapropriate Name


Permanent block



30-day leader account block and team disbanded

Team leader permanently blocked and Team is disbanded


15-day account block

30-day account block

Permanent block


30-day account block

Permanent block


Preventive analysis block

up to 5 days

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