The Cavalcade of Vengeance

The folks in Metal City like to tell tales that there ain’t such things as ghosts in this dangerous world, that all such matters are the will of the gods, the domain of science; it can all be explained away, but the dead stay dead. Those who live past the city limits know otherwise, however. They say that at times, when the wastes are quiet, you can hear her, riding in the distance. The Windrider, the spirit of vengeance. Her spectral mustangs charge ever onward in her quest for revenge, her quest for blood.



ADVANTAGE: Winds of Change

Windrider provides a mystical trail that repairs allies.


Character Guide


While Windrider's native past puts her in harmony with healing techniques, the vendetta that summoned her from the grave aggressively boils the metal of her mystic machine. She can competently perform the support function while causing damage and haunting opponents. The advantage Winds of Change leaves a trail behind her car that heals allies that touch it. Simply position yourself in front of the ally and the repair get done while remaining on the trail left by the ghost rider. Obviously, this requires some Windrider skills to manage to keep yourself close to the ally, and the ally to remain on the trail. In any case, this is an incredibly powerful form of constant repairing. Ghostly Avenger is a shot that passes through and pushes the enemies, causing damage upon contact. It can be used to disturb enemies that are following the transporter, as well as push the enemy transporter into the droppers or lava. The second ability, Road Wraiths, is also a powerful and versatile tool: leaves amulets on the track that repairs allies that pass over them, but when it collides with an enemy, the chariot in front of her will cause damage and push enemies. This push can also be used to lead enemies into the lava or droppers, if they have the bomb. If used with precision, a simple Road Wraiths can hit several enemies at once and is capable of distributing a considerable amount of damage, while leaving the amulets on the ground so your teammates can repair themselves. Last but not least, the Gates to Nowhere is capable of repairing a great deal within the area, being able to change the result of a team battle and ensuring the bomb's delivery. Windrider didn't come back to this world just for a stroll: she came to use her healing wisdom of yore and her vindictive rage as the goal of smashing her enemies and dancing over their graves.


Heavy Cavalry

This strategy focuses on using the rider of winds more offensively, making her a real burden to your enemies. The first upgrade would be Spirits of Ruin, which increases the duration of Road Wraiths. Improving Ghostly Avenger with Ancestral Emissary will make Road Wraiths be activated faster, as long as you are aiming properly. Remember to take advantage of this upgrade to hit enemies more than once and, if possible leave the repair packages on your allies' path. Hunter of Foes will increase Ghostly Avenger's damage, as long as you can master the hit. Remember always to try to foresee the enemy's movement when preparing to shoot. Lastly, Deathless Haunters will provide more speed for when reaching the opponents during the Road Wraiths and improve the chance of you to hit them several times.

Witchdoctor Spirit

Windrider's healing potential is already grand by nature, but it can be even grander, with this strategy. Improving the Road Wraiths with Otherworldly Metal, the packages left on the ground will repair even more than before. Remember to position yourself close enough to your allies' front side so that they also cherish the Winds of Change. The improved Road Wraiths combined with the Advantage's repair will restore an immense amount of health to your friends, especially if they can keep themselves on the Rider's trail. Closing up Road Wraiths with Shell from Hell provides more health for Windrider during the ability, ensuring she can stay longer on the track repairing the allied transporter. Purchasing Gush of Hate for the Ghostly Avenger will help on keeping the enemies afar and, offensively, the stronger push contributes to throw the enemies on the droppers and lava. Improving Ghostly Avenger with Ancestral Emissary helps to recharge the Road Wraiths and, because of that, increases the chances of repairing allies. And to make even more repairs, get Highway to Paradise for the special weapon, Gates to Nowhere.


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